Recent Graduate of BA (hons) Computer Arts at Abertay.

I'm a generalist artist with a passion for game development, animation and world building! I'm able to work well within a team, am adaptable, and I have hands-on experience using both 2D and 3D workflows from visual development, UI/UX, to animation to 3D sculpting (characters, creatures and props) and technical art (rigging) for both 2D and 3D, alongside a lot of QA across many projects!

Romace, Skeletal Animation, Charlotte Wilkinson.

Romace is a collaborative visual novel project with a diverse cast, exploring romance and relationships through an asexual lens. My primary focus for Romace was skeletal animation, while my aim for the project was to create expressive characters in motion, while avoiding stereotypes regarding queer identities and sexualities in characterisation. Honours was the perfect time to branch out and learn skeletal animation, developing my workflow and proficiency within Spine 2D, an industry standard software for skeletal animation. Additionally, my existing experience in traditional cel-animation and my more technical skills from 3D rigging were easily translated into Spine 2D, allowing me to expand my expertise into this new medium.