I'm able to work within the Adobe Suite comfortably, but usually work within Clip Studio Paint or Procreate for personal projects.

I'm adept at creating and refining unique and recognisable characters/creatures in a range of stylisations, alongside creating reference sheets and turnarounds which I can then take forward into 3D game ready assets.

Here's some of the development work for my character, prop and environement designs from my personal worldbuilding of Numira. 

Here are a collection of other concept design work I've created!

Concept work desiging chracters for a perosnal comic project.

Above on the left is a character I created to match the Promare film's design style & on the right is Lio from the film.

Character developed as a fan-design, a new warchief for the Northgard game! 

Character design work from my persoanl project Numira.