Below are some of the graphics projects I've worked on, click on them to learn more!

I created the page for our game, alongside handling marketing material creation and distribution. My team-mate Eleanor's fantastic sprites are prevalent within many of the marketing materials because I wanted to showcase the amazing work they created for our game!

I created the game's title logo once the team had decided on a name for the game, Romace, a play on romance and the core aspect of asexuality within our game. 

This freelance project was alongside my studies and regular work as a collaborative remote project with @HighlandTaurus. This project left us with a brief and allowed me to utilise my strong interpersonal communication skills while working autonomously and remotely, setting up regular feedback meetings with the client. The goal was to create an informative, playful/fun leaflet showcasing its Scottish influence.

Amber (Highland Taurus) was a fantastic partner to work with for this project, creating a variety of illustrations based around Scottish culture and folklore to use on the leaflet and as marketing materials for the EFYE event.

While working at Abertay Uni with the Graphics team, I created a variety of assets from an external partner pack to social media templates, to working on the 2023 prospectus, staff business cards, webpage assets and various other booklets and pamphlets.

Ensuring to follow the brand guidelines document, while bringing my own creative flair into the work. I worked within the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily utilising Illustrator and InDesign. I also created internal branding, such as email headers alongside PowerPoint templates, academic poster templates for staff and students to utilise.