A visual novel project with a diverse cast of characters from various ethnicities, exploring romance and relationships through an asexual lens. 

This project kicked off development in February 2023, through to May 2023!

Check out my lovely collaborators: Cameryn Tuliao & Eleanor Findlay.

Below I've added many core aspects of my work toward this group made honours project, including my development portfolio, pre-production work and my own research focuses!

Here's a wee showreel of my skeletal animation work!

My Honours Development Portfolio, which contains embedded videos.

ART 410 Development Portfolio

My responsibilities toward Romace:

Skeletal Animation

I am also the Skeletal Animator for the project, so I will be preparing the sprites, then working in Spine 2D to rig up the sprites ready for animation. Before creating a few animations.

UX Design

I utilised my prior experience to design our games' interface layouts, creating various mock-ups and seeking feedback throughout. 

(UX work will be uploaded soon!)


I created custom GUI scripts using python within Visual Studio Code for our project. We chose to create our game in Ren'py, but needed some custom interfaces for some key aspects of our game. I also set up scource control using Github for this project early on.

I was also responsible for the set-up and upkeep of the twitter and itch pages, alongside creation of the marketing imagery for the game!

Here's the more academic side of things, as well as a Fact Sheet and link to the games page.

This is my Pre-Production Portfolio, it contains embedded videos.

ART 405 Pre-Prodction Portfolio

Below is our games fact-sheet, a link to the game page and my honours' project dissertation!

ART405 Research Proposal - Charlotte Wilkinson
ART410 Learning Contract - Charlotte Wilkinson